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What do I need to start writing Maya Plugins?

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I've avoided writing plugins all this time. But now, I want to see just how much faster it will make some of my custom setups. I'm on a Windows XP platform. I've googled this and the most current result I found was from 2006. I don't know Python. Just C++ and mel.


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franssu_27 [ Editor ]

Maya plugins on Windows are developed using Microsoft Visual C++. The version you should use depends on the version of Maya you're using. It's specified in the API documentation, and is most likely Visual Studio 2005 right now. The examples come as complete properly set MSVC projects, so from there it's pretty easy to get to know how to create your own. The workflow is pretty straightforward. Write your plugin, compile it (preferably in an ad hoc directory), and then use the Maya plug-in editor to load it and test it.

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mr grumpy [ Editor ]

If you know C++ you're halfway there. Everything else you need is in the Maya docs. Look at Developer Resources -> API Guide, then try out the devkit examples. The docs will tell you which version of the compiler you need, depending on what Maya version you have.

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I should have been more clear with my question. What packages do people use to write and compile their plugins? And what’s the workflow?

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